Our company is active in the field of international and domestic freight forwarding.

We provide door-to-door road transport services of various goods within Europe.
Our full range of trucks are in continuous use for export and import services. This provides the possibility to adapt a suitable truck for your goods and to deliver them to the destination at very competitive prices.

We provide professional and bespoke services for each customer.

Our advantages:

  • Punctuality and Reliability - We guarantee a punctual and safe delivery with reliable tracking. Our transport services are carried out according to international consignment regulations CMR. We also have Certification of Motor Transport Institute, no. 02060/F4/07, license no 0124134 and forwarder insurance of 500 000 USD.
  • Flexibility - We have access to different transport facilities within the whole of Europe and we can collect or deliver the goods, in principle, to any place within Europe. If necessary, we can also adjust to changing requirements even during the course of handling your freight.
  • Rapidity response - We provide quick responses to enquiries about dates and prices of the freight handling. We provide full door-to-door tracking of your consignment.
  • Versatility - We provide transport in different directions. We also provide part-loads and full truck loads. We can transport a wide range of goods including dangerous goods according to the ADR convention and oversize cargos.
Our services are available round the clock. We provide advice, assistance and our extensive experience at your disposal.

Feel free to join us!

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